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Rhoten's Little Dandy

In Memory of Rhoten's Little Dandy, 32" Black Stallion
Died March, 2000, the horse with a heart as big as he was.
He was the 1987 National Grand Champion Pleasure Driving Horse.
He has sired 33 National Title winners, 50% in Halter and 50% in performance.
He is the son of Bond Dynamo and his dam was Bond Counterpoint.

His story from the AMHA Miniature Horse World Magazine,
shared so all will know him and his sole:

Along with his own 1987 AMHA National Grand Champion title, this undoubtedly will make him one of the truly legendary stallions in the American Miniature Horse Association. Gary Roberts, trainer of Rhoten's Little Dandy, contributes the following; "I saw Rhoten's Little Dandy the first time in 1983 at the Arkansas State Fair miniature horse show in Little Rock, Arkansas. I moved to Springfield, Missouri, that year and began training at Sundance Ranch in Nixa, Missouri, working with Don and Charley Teague who owned a great show string including Dandy. In 1984 Dandy was shown in the halter division and that summer was started in harness. His athletic ability and tractability made training him a horseman's dream. He was always on the move and was willing to try any task he was asked to perform. He sometimes went over the edge behavior-wise in halter classes if he was restrained, but when given his freedom and direction he was like a cat and would watch for even the most subtle body motion of the exhibitor for direction. In harness he was light and very responsive on the bit and would change direction with only a slight turn of the wrist or finger pressure on the lines. Dandy has such great balance and natural ability he was able to trot in place and canter in a tight circle, always on the correct lead as well as performing flying change of leads on command while he worked in long lines. I had the pleasure of training and showing one of Dandy's daughters, Sundance Leading Lady (dec.), owned by Rich and Rudy Perrinon (Flying R Ranch) from Crane, Missouri. She inherited the fine mentality and physical ability of her sire. Rhoten's Little Dandy is only one of many wonderful animals in the miniature horse breed, but because of his lasting effect from the past, where he is living today and his influence through his offspring in the future, he is forever special. To close out my tribute to my buddy, I was fortunate. enough to visit him at Vermilyea Farms. The proof that the spirit is present in Dandy was shown me when I put my face next to his, put my arms around his neck, listened to his calm breath, observed his alert ears and saw his bright, serene eyes. All these observations again convinced me that no matter what may happen, the strength is always given to go on with dignity. God keep you Dandy for being my friend, my teacher and a true blessing in MY life."

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